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The day before yesterday, Ms. Zheng in Xiamen, Hangzhou police received a call. Previously, Taobao store has been asked to deal with the results, she was referred to the police suspect that is an excuse for delay.

However, the police did not Miss Xiang Zheng Hangzhou evidence, nor pledged to identify a piece of spontaneous combustion explosion watch phone.

“I want to take the initiative to provide evidence, but the other made me contact the police in Xiamen.” Ms Cheng said the Hangzhou police told her that she should not be on the network to do business any comments, and to wait for the outcome of the police can.

Ms Cheng Xiang had called the police in Xiamen, Xiamen, Xiamen police let her to the business sector response. Ada Xiamen dial 12315 to explain the situation, the other for her contact Hangzhou 12315. 12315 Miss Xiang Zheng Hangzhou understanding of the situation, asked her for the Lynx order number, etc., and do the registration. The other said, the results came out to about 30 days. Ms Cheng advice, exploding cell phone if you want to watch them and send them over to the detector, the other said to wait for treatment options and then set out.

According to the Fujian Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision staff, the current Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau has not aimed at children this watch phone quality testing. The staff said that children watch phone is emerging in recent years, electronic products, “Product Stewardship, could have been lagging behind”, the current quality testing of these products, they do not know which department is responsible.


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