Watch Consumption in the World

Commercial Enterprise Association watchmaker CMC chairman Zhang roots in the report on the work of the General Assembly, pointed out that the Chinese watch industry under the new normal, encountered new problems and challenges, but “reality not allow us to stop, do not allow us cringe, we only have the courage, wisdom and play “, seize opportunities, meet challenges, the situation and carry out new exploration and creation.
It is reported that, in 2015, the domestic watch market is still facing a consumer watches outflow, domestic watch sales decline, multiple challenges watches dealers survive crisis.
Watch for the problem of the market, Commercial Enterprise Association watchmaker MC conducted a wide range of research, and learned that in recent years with the popularity abroad, the outflow rate watches tourism consumption also increased significantly. It is estimated that in 2014, Chinese mainland consumers outside of the purchase price of Swiss watches up more than 600 billion yuan over the same year, more than double the domestic sales of imported watches. The reason is mainly the domestic price is higher than the foreign market, imported watches, watches, high taxes and import is one of the most important reason. It is reported that the national authorities are studying relevant policies and measures, and require the Business Enterprise Association watchmaker CMC in an objective and accurate data based on the promotion of consumer watches reflux specific domestic measures and suggestions.
Zhang roots, said recently submitted to the State authorities’ recommendations on policies to promote the adjustment of the domestic watch reflux consumer report “from the reform of the tax system, strict aspects juncture, it is recommended to take measures to promote consumption reflux.


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