The Current Focus on High-quality Finance

For the interpretation of the current reform of the supply side there are many, although it is not a new concept, but what is the supply-side reform, the full implementation of the reform measures currently in China what meaning, what force, how to look, how to do it? And all conditions as well as political, economic, industrial current status of China’s inextricably vital relationship. Reading from the official to the in-depth analysis of the economics profession and then to implement the local government, there are a variety of sounds and initiatives, the first time how to proceed from reality with the current, local development situation to develop a reasonable plan in 2016 the top priority of the country’s economic work.

Currently the focus on high-quality Finance Caixin Media initiated, the State Council Development Research Center researcher, deputy director of the State Council Information Advisory Committee Wu Jinglian, Jiwei, deputy director of the Central Financial Work Office Building Treasury Secretary Yang Weimin, internationally renowned economist Zhang Wuchang Li Yining and other official sources and the supply-side economists conducted an in-depth reform of the sort, is currently on the supply side reform made a large-scale in-depth discussion of the authority on the future of the Chinese economy is up or down, up or down the duration is long or short, up or down the slope is steep or flat, vertex or bottom where possible, and many other issues were abstruse and complex analysis. Both have strong applicability of theoretical depth. Its research results of “supply-side reform: economic transformation reshaping Chinese Layout” published by the Chinese Literature Press published.

The book needs to be supplied from the Chinese side of reform, the reform of the supply side of the Past and Present, the supply-side reform change anything, when the supply side reforms in four areas command. Depth analysis of the industry level, the level of regulation, taxation system level, the impact of supply-side reforms and the need for capital levels, while refined “supply-side reform” Background, implementation methods, making enterprises to cope with, the cost of the reforms, etc. key issues, a comprehensive analysis of both the status quo of China’s economy, but also a thorough interpretation of the Chinese economic logic behind the reform of the New Deal, accurately reproduced with Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee’s economic policy orientation.


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