Specially Look Watch Made by Tokyoflash

Creative watches, has been based on strange shapes perceived by people. However, this idea of ​​a watch and a quirk Today give you about – never let hello nice time.

Tokyoflash is a watch manufacturer from Japan, the manufacturer has to produce creative design and rich sense of fashion watches and famous. Prior to tune also introduced an additional “Tokyoflash Satellite X”, elusive at the time routine, the show is absolutely IQ artifact.

The “Kisai Blade Wood” seems more illogical humanity, only a huge dial. But in fact, compared to its previous works, which has intuitive enough, of course, lies in its mystery dial projected LED light strip, so that we can from the position of the virtual pointer to determine the time.

After connecting the phone via Bluetooth, it can call, e-mail, text messaging, micro-channel, social networking sites and other messages on the phone to alert by LED lamp or a different vibration patterns.

No one who saw this watch, everyone will know “time is mysterious, is not easy to interpret.” This sentence is absolutely TokyoFlash believed in the truth. The Black & Manufacturing Center seemed bent to user fees interpret thoughts point of time, but perhaps this is precisely TokyoFlash by some people swear to follow charm.


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