More Watches will be Sold in Next Few Years

According to research firm Mintel latest research data shows that there is a one in five US consumers said that in the coming year on the purchase of the wearable device is very interested. Currently, every 20 Americans have one or about 6 percent of Americans have a smart watch or fitness tracker products, including Apple Watch, to track daily health and fitness FitBit and Jawbone and other wearable technology products.
Mintel Retail Apparel and Diana Smith, senior research analyst, said: “This is a very real possibility in the next five years, sales of smart watches will likely erode other traditional watch sales.”
Of course, this forecast is based on market performance at a hypothetical situation. If there are more and more functional applications to create, more developers to introduce new products, and the Intelligent watches prices will decline, sales of smart watch is still able to withstand the competition growth, so smart the watch will likely accelerate to erode the market share of other watches.
Diana Smith believes that the ideal situation smartwatch industry will be able to enhance the development of the entire category, while the majority of sales of traditional watch watch at least maintain market stability.
With the launch of Apple Watch in September last year, the watch industry has been a great challenge and influence. LVMH Group’s brand TAG Heuer TAG Heuer Tiger introduced for $ 1500 a smart watch.
Why Tiger for TAG Heuer to be used as the first Swiss luxury watch brand launched smart watches, Tag Heuer CEO Jean Claude Biver said that in order to maintain market share, the company does not want customers to buy other brands of watches, such as the Apple with Hermes watch cooperation. Secondly, he wants to be able to enter the field of TAG Heuer Tiger smart watch and attract more young customers.
In addition, the luxury brand Gucci also announced last year with rappers, hip-hop music producer’s + to launch a new smart wearable device smartband. The smart watch will have to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages and e-mail, listen to music, view maps, and calendar and other functions, in addition to the fitness function and advanced personal assistant command.


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