Improve the Effectiveness of Repairing Watches

This situation has begun to change. Stoll is a small watch repair company with 62 employees and annual maintenance 120,000 watches. Business is good, but because of the way the company is managed by hand, they are difficult to provide timely services to customers worldwide.

For Wal-Mart or Airbus, the 120,000 watches is not a big number. But each watch to go through 15 different employees of disassembly, cleaning, repair, lubrication, timing, pressure check and re-assembly operations. In the repair process, the watch is not uncommon misplaced. When this happens, employees need to find this watch in need of repair from a large number of individually packaged watch.

To solve these problems, Stoll is not a passive UHF RFID solutions provided by the CDO technology, receive and track watches in the repair process. Since then, the company will use in the transport process of the RFID technology in November 2014 and added a batch application, for simultaneous update 50-60 watch status. This three-phased deployment of RFID projects changed the company’s business processes, improve efficiency and employee productivity. In addition, the system also provides each watch position, it also allows the customer service representative can provide more detailed status information for customers.

I believe there will be more and more similar solutions emerge in the future. RFID technology is maturing rapidly, the number of large retailers and manufacturers use millions of tags and readers, hardware prices will continue to decline. At the same time, the software will become increasingly powerful, system integrators will be more efficient, rapid deployment solution.


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