Why Does Little Smart Watch Have Their Own Parts?

Children in smart watches a lot, but very few have their own brand of hardware, software, ROM and other watches R & D team, watch a lot of domestic manufacturers to cut costs, they use a third-party company’s R & D watch general scheme, that is to say within the system watches , watches with the use of APP, watches require cloud service window, are using a third-party vendor solutions supporting the watch, which is equivalent to a lot of Taobao same model but different brands of clothes now, they are in the same small factory order the production of the same paragraph clothes, materials and design are the same, only the last sale signs affixed to the clothes is not the same.

Therefore, this scheme using a common wristwatch watch manufacturers do not have much research and development costs on the inside, and then do some simple adjustments to get the general scheme, and finally put your own LOGO standard, this becomes a section of a child in the eyes of consumers smart watch, the industry as “little smart watch brand children” or “child sex OEM smart watch.”

The use of this watch manufacturer Universal watch the program, there is a big problem: If you purchased this program there are loopholes, it will involve the emergence of vulnerabilities watch. Now there are dozens or even hundreds of domestic watch manufacturers, in order to save development costs are used in such a way, so once a small brand watches dangerous loophole, watch the market using the general scheme will be dangerous loopholes, which also why is the cloud platform to detect the cause of the serious flaws appear at least 13 watches, 13 watches which solutions are from a Shenzhen Science and Technology Co., Ltd.


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