Watches Only Go for 2 Days

“It’s so angry, I made a special trip to Beijing from Panyu Road, Guangcheng watch repair watch repair chain service center, spent 650 yuan to replace the battery, but only two days watch stopped. This is true twice.” Guangzhou people Miss Han yesterday to Yangcheng Evening News, reflect their own watch repair process of dissatisfaction. Reporter then interviewed related repair chain centers and industry associations, Miss Han eventually recommend another trip, to watch a full test.

“Two years ago I spent a few thousand dollars to buy a Seiko watch, watch stopped earlier this year, I specifically came to Beijing Road, Guangcheng watches from Panyu repair chain service center to repair the table.” Miss Han told reporters on the Yangcheng Evening News, then watch repair master said battery is dead, changing the battery, at a cost of 650 yuan. I did not expect after less than two days to replace the battery, the watch will not go.

In desperation, Miss Han had come again to find the master repair shop for repair. “They said at the time to replace the batteries imported from Japan, after more than twenty genius to me for good. But I am angry is that the table to take home two days later stopped.” Miss Han believes that it was not a repair shop reasonable consumer trip to visit to run, but do not know the repair shop to replace the battery is checked.

For Miss Han issues reflected reporter yesterday called Guangcheng watch repair chain service center, the staff answered the phone explained: “We will certainly replace a new battery for the consumer, as to why the watch stops, can only recommend full again check. we guarantee free replacement within a year. “


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