Pick Up Friends by Repairing Watches

Omega watches five years after purchase to the New World Wuchang streets I do cleaning and maintenance, spent 850 yuan, came back a week later with a stop and go table to maintenance to repair the master is not another name said to be the master of money Get maintenance master Li, master Li said Xu transferred to, and friends went to find master Li Xudong, when off duty, he called up their director, director say you put money on the table where the chef will personally to repair the handle.

A half months after notification of users watch repaired, to pick up friends, friends with the table after taking about a month before the fault tables and about a week later, as the New World went to Wuchang Street mouth watch repair point, said the money master, or with the first repair a relationship! User frustration is repeated under the master with the money to do the work, after a lot of persuasion, money master agreed to free himself from the assembly to re-wash again.

Go back and watch band about a month, the entire table is slow day, and the last about to watch slow service point for 20 minutes. At that time, Union money master, the master said the money put on the table where he look to say after work! Until now there has been no any news! Not to the New World before cleaning and maintenance Jiedaokou table has been good, after this, the cleaning and maintenance of the table for this thing to run seven or eight times, out of a bad mood! Strong demand replacement, compensation and safeguard the rights!


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