China Will Make More Watches in the Future

However, under US sanctions, Chinese mobile phone companies have suddenly found that the lack of core technology and key components autonomous case, once lost Qualcomm chips, high-end technical support for Japan or Korea screen, and Google’s Android system, “de coat off, “the Chinese mobile phone enterprises are only called” assembly companies, “face sanctions naked, business is facing great difficulties.

According to March 7 the official website of the US Department of Commerce issued a notice, in violation of US export control laws and regulations on the grounds that ZTE take measures to restrict exports. Within the limits prescribed period, the United States suppliers to export any goods to ZTE before (including hardware and software products and services), must apply for permission from the US Department of Commerce. However, the previous situation, these applications often are rejected.

Industry analysts on the “One observation,” said the Chinese mobile phone industry has been lagging behind the world more than 10 years of technical level, the outbreak of the smartphone market, “corner overtaking” the next opportunity, Chinese mobile phone companies who rely on mobile phones and the global supply chain transfer manufacturing costs advantages, the rapid rise of obtaining shipments and market share. However, the core technology level, only Huawei Hass, Alibaba YunOS operating system rely on years of accumulated technology and marketing to get a breakthrough into the local market, where Hass 2015 smartphone chip shipments are expected to more than 50 million, Ali Baba YunOS year installed capacity of more than 33.1 million units. But under the whole industry structure point of view, “lack of core small soul,” the situation is still grim, lack of core technology and intellectual property cases, to be “fattened and then flesh,” the risk exists overseas technology company at any time.

The source said the statement: Prior to Qualcomm for mobile phone companies in China in accordance with the sale of high-priced processor chip charge (compared to Samsung), but also to collect patent fees in accordance with the whole price of 3% -5%, while the domestic mobile phone enterprises will be mandatory for all in the hands of the patent Qualcomm reverse delegations can not be used to prosecute other mobile phone customers Qualcomm. This is in fact possess the core technology and key components of the phone companies scramble for Chinese enterprises, under the Anti-Monopoly Service Development and Reform Commission intervention, is also addressed in the Chinese market only sold a range of issues.


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