Be Careful to Buy Watches Online

With the arrival of the two-eleven, net purchases of goods and become the most fiery words, many young consumers are accustomed to higher prices of goods purchased online, where a growing number of online shopping online store launched the watch business. The online shopping watch whether the fly, I interviewed a special trip to Shanghai Watch Industry Association Secretary-General Cai Huiming. He said that the net purchase of luxury watches Most of them are the following questions: 1 purchase to watch fake or imitation goods; 2 watch for the renovation of the old movement; 3, the purchase of goods actually parallel…

The most serious problem is the high imitation counterfeit. Cai open secret archives watch industry professional appraisal associations to consult to the author, there are many online shopping counterfeit watches. And even many consumers spend a high price to buy the counterfeit goods. Now cottage high imitation of the table, has been completely detached consumers imagined that way, past high imitation watches also misty uncle aunt, played or did not watch how groups of students, and now high imitation cottage, even practitioners years of industry experts, will suddenly been blinded. Not only the box, and look no different from the real thing, even the good movement of goods are used in the ETA. Cai Secretariat recalled that there are times to identify more than 50,000 yuan a watch, sapphire case, really boring no problem, finally isolated the problem still rely on the experience of experts, this watch movement and the corresponding movement is not identified Compliance is therefore concluded that high imitation goods. Such high simulation is to allow consumers to keep track of.

Serious problem is the movement refurbished for resale. General 9.9 into a new medium will show other words, although it is certainly the case of second-hand goods but not used. But in general, they are refurbished watches. There will be no significant difference when worn early refurbished watches, but the situation is often not allowed to travel after using for a while.


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