Why are Women Reluctant to Buy Smart Watches?

In recent years, modern technology is a new vocabulary. The two originally unrelated words together, it sounds very futuristic and cool feeling. Wearable devices, including a model of smart watches and fitness trackers are of fashion and technology. Science and technology combined with the latest fashion accessories trend is indeed perfect fashion trend.

There have been many people in the industry believe that smart watches are not in fashion circles, but after a long struggle, especially Apple’s products invasion depth fashion circles, the wearable device to achieve a breakthrough has become a mainstream fashion. According to the 2015 NPD Connected Intelligence released report shows that consumer wearable device, 10 American adults has a has a fitness tracker. Among them, 54% are women. But the data show that 71% of the smart watch owners are men.

First, let us define some terms: Fitness Tracker which is a pedometer, or detection of sleep, heart rate tracking indicators, such as Up band devices like the Fitbit or Jawbone.

The smart watch dial can be replicated on a tiny screen all smartphone features, including display status mailbox, calendar reminders and run APP, typical products are Apple Watch. Last year, LVMH Group’s luxury watch brand Tag Heuer in collaboration with Intel, Google has launched smart watches public appearance, became the first and Apple in the smart watch market competition in the Swiss watch brand. Chief Executive Officer Marco Bizzarri Gucci CEO also said that wearable technology, including smart watch represents a new frontier of the fashion industry. This is a very appropriate market opportunities.

Fitness tracking devices and smart watch also need to be worn on the wrist, clip-tracker, except that it can be clamped in clothes. They all belong to the “fashion accessories” and more powerful smart watches. But why female consumers are not interested in?


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