Whether Your Watch Go Normally or Not

Many people like to spend lots of money to purchase mechanical watches, but after wearing, it was found watches bad “serve.” When wearing a mechanical watch with automatic mahjong mahjong or near the car speaker, mechanical watches will “strike”, or not allowed to travel, sometimes leading to shut down, it is likely that a mechanical watch that is magnetic.

Many parts are mechanical watches steel material, such as the size of the drum, the escapement wheel shaft tenon gears, bearings, screws and springs, are susceptible to magnetic interference.

Daily life, automatic shuffling machine, car speakers, laptops, mobile phones and even with a backpack and so more or less magnet generates a magnetic field, so watch that is magnetic. Magnetized watch could see not see any problem in the short term, but over time, will become increasingly slow down. It is understood that some mechanical watches also have magnetic properties. Such watches will often add the “magnetic” logo on the merchandise.

How to determine whether the watch that is magnetic? Just buy a compass, which is close to the watch, compass deflector if badly, it means that the watch that is magnetic. However, if only a slight deflection, it can not be found.

Encountered mechanical watches by magnetic shut down phenomenon, how to solve it? Generally only need to be sent at a watch repair, take a few minutes to do the degaussing process. If you do not watch local service points, you can also try degaussing method omnipotent, that were not to find a magnetic hoop, hoop will be set on a table, repeatedly penetrating piercing, a few minutes later, the watch will demagnetization recovery.

In addition, except by the magnetic, the mechanical watch in the case of people engage in strenuous sports, but also easy to “strike”, so do strenuous physical activity and exercise, you should remove the watch, in case when not allowed to go.


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