The Mistery of Fashion Watch Made by Ferdinand.Von.Karl

In 1980, Ferdinand.Von .Karl. Took over the family watch business firm, fierce competition in the watch industry at the time, and Von .Karl. Watch firm produced watches and other store did not significantly differ. Ferdinand realized that trying to survive, the only change. He watchmaker family gathered together around the clock to try new things. Finally, Ferdinand led watchmakers have successfully designed a unique watch, but also revolutionized the watchmaking technology. To commemorate its new life on all watches are engraved with “1980” tag. Different from other numerous watch shop, Von .Karl. Watch firm always quietly present on Shi Pizi town.

In 2010, YOYIYANG when traveling in Europe, came to Shi Pizi town, accidentally walked into Von .Karl. Watch, immediately fascinated. Repeated inquiries, that this is the business for this line of watches Von .Karl. Family prepared and heritage has long been gradually precipitated a long time, the achievements of today’s exquisite. They produce in accordance with the “établissage” tabulations watches (ie watchmakers work at home), in small quantities, only in their own line of watches sold. After a communication, YOYIYANG finally Von .Karl. Family get together will introduce Chinese watchmaking.

Currently, Sylvester Rhea mainly to domestic sales, with high-grade mechanical watches and quartz watches, Japan and Switzerland import movement, there are hollow, calendar, and other fashion design watches. It represents vitality, young, fashion, multi-family and European heritage of watchmaking technology by consumers.


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