Smart Watches Keep Children Away from Potential Dangers

The main function of children’s intelligence watch for: locating the whereabouts of the child to prevent the child lost. As long as the parents on their mobile phone to download the appropriate APP, you can keep track of the child’s whereabouts. At the same time, if the child is in danger, through the watch promptly notify the parents to prevent children from being taken away by criminals to obtain timely rescue.

A friend spoke to reporters a thing happen to them. Chinese New Year back home to visit her husband, the station a lot of people, and the children she somehow got separated, if children were criminals eyeing on the bad. While she was extremely anxious child with smart watch called to her, and told to wait Newsstand. She based on the location of the mobile phone display, successfully found the child.

It is understood that almost every smart watches are required to download the APP client, while the watch is installed on the SIM card, and then set the match on the client. In this way, parents will be able to clearly see on their child’s cell phone traces, knowing their children to school, the latest situation after school, when the children to school on the phone will send the message to parents.

Reporters interviewed found that a class of county school students to wear smart watches about 10 people, and the upward trend. According to the teacher, after the summer vacation, the class will be a few new students to wear your watch. Now, wearing a smart watch has become a fashion students.

Han Feng, who lives in the streets of Dragon Wang District Court for the child begged to buy their own smart watch things down to reporters a belly grievances. Daughter entered primary school third grade, winter vacation home clamoring to buy smart watch, he says friends have one, we also agreed to watch with school time. Wang fail to beat her, and had promised to reward her final exam to get good grades one, who knows her even further, buy a child star endorsement with smart watches.

Reporters found that celebrity endorsements of smart watch popular with students sought after, especially in the CCTV advertising several smart watch. For this phenomenon, education experts suggest that parents must guide their children properly, not the blind pursuit of fashion, you want to buy products according to their needs.


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