Man Bought Fake Rolex Online

“At that time I went to visit relatives in North America, a friend recommended Rolex designated service points, otherwise this secret until now could not have opened.” Mr. Xu middle age, living in good condition, the children have been studying abroad. That a maintenance point is tricky, because his friend there did care, the designated point is also open for over 20 years. This is a chance to watch care, it leads to a place in the 17-year story.

A North American Rolex designated maintenance point staff is very warm, but refused to watch Mr. Xu to do maintenance, and finally fail to beat out a denial maintenance instructions: Because the non-genuine, it can not accept the watch repair and maintenance .

“Non-genuine? What do you mean? How is it possible!” Mr. Xu feel very shocked. He clearly remembers the watch he and his family in February 1999 to buy a well-known large shopping centers in Hangzhou, the price is 42,174 yuan. After the buy because the price is usually expensive often locked in the safe, he has never loaned or “hands” over. He never doubted the identity of the watch, the watch did not expect to let him lose face.


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