China’s Financial Control Tools

Kerber said that compared to the EU or Germany, China have the financial control tools, China’s labor market is very dynamic, it is imperative to resolve the excess industrial capacity to solve the debt problems of state-owned enterprises, and from policy to solve the attendant unemployment.

Kerber stressed that the Chinese economy is undergoing a difficult transition from investment to consumption driven by the main Switch to economic growth; from a number of investment funds, labor force growth to promote the use of technology-led growth, “Once the reform program on a large scale, change the process will accelerate. ”

Kerber believes that the implementation of economic policies should take into account the competitiveness and quality of investment and strict financial management. For China, continue to promote research and development will lead to further economic development in the greater freedom and greater openness. He expressed appreciation for the great achievements China has made in years, and that the further implementation of a comprehensive market economy conditions for the realization of “Thirteen Five” plan of reforms and structural transformation goals is particularly important.

When talking about China’s market economy status, Kerber said that China in the global market to ensure open and fair competition is an important partner. The EU should be given as early as 2001, China had promised market economy status. “As the German Industry Federation, China and we hope to dialogue.”

He believes that the success of the economic significance of China made great. Chinese per a decision would bring significant impact to the world. He said the industrial development of both China and Germany are heavily dependent on exports, the development of both are relying on the global open market. Thus, for a sound global trade order, the China and Germany are important components of security and order.


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