Are Smart Watches Really Useful for Children?

Of course, by the parents to take on such a task, to build a secure anti-theft system is too costly feasibility poor, we still have to rely on the manufacturer, to unify the industry safety standards. We will expand the traditional concept of security information to the field, so that the cheater could not come, take away, can not read, can not change, can not afford to rely on. The availability of support systems, confidentiality, integrity and non-repudiation.

Specifically, the first to have access control policies, only authorized users can access the system, or to obtain data received instruction; Second, even if the data can not go steal; In addition, unauthorized users can not tamper with data, It is encrypted and can not be decrypted liar away; finally, the need to leave the system log, so that unauthorized access to a user traces in it, effective preservation of evidence.

First, at the time of purchase, to choose a guaranteed big brands, because these brands will spend enough energy to deal with security issues. Moreover, product performance may pay more attention to security features for smart watch itself.

Finally, in essence, smart children watch only a complementary tool, do not rely solely on a smart device can completely solve the security problem. Training sufficient safety awareness auxiliary products use some of the security is the basic way to achieve intrinsically safe.


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