Wear Watch to Protect Your Baby from Being Stolen

“Looked like a watch, actually anti-theft device.” Yesterday, Mr. Chen’s son was born, the nurse gave the baby’s left foot in a circle wear pink wristbands, “dial” is slightly larger than the one dollar coin, filled with induction chip, says the baby’s code, as long as the encoded input into the computer of the hospital, the baby will be able to view the personal information. At the scene, the head nurse Xuyong Min conducted exercises, she was holding the baby, slowly out of obstetrics door alarm immediately “buzz” called the nurse on duty station can also sound an alarm, “Please note that the baby has to elevator …… “sounds great, entire floors are able to hear.

“Do not underestimate this ‘table’, the value of a thousand dollars, the equivalent of a transmitter can quickly send alerts.” Xuyong Min said, in recent years, hospitals have the baby in the provinces theft occurs, while the city has a hospital obstetric 3 exit, more people access to safe newborn poses a threat. With the “security table”, like in the production of Cobb “Skynet” 24-hour close protection baby. This “alarm table” put on can not be removed, even baby bathing, swimming do not pick, when the baby was discharged, you must use special scissors to cut the strap, chip recyclable.

Xuyong Min said that the introduction of this system is to end, tested by the authorities, “security table” radiation only 0.2 microwatts, dozens of mobile phone parts per million, almost negligible, and is worn on the baby’s the ankle, very safe, “loaded chip wristband is anti-allergic.”



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