The Best Watch Faces in the World

Today, the 44th of the Basel World Watch and Jewellery Fair (Baselworld2016) in Basel, Switzerland, was officially launched. China Chinese Commercial News reporters Di Liuci and Ben Fubiao exhibition site, from small cousin to watch industry representatives to participate in the “Oscar” of the whole event. Whether star or small meat counter, the annual Baselworld gorgeous face changing, take a look at gorgeous new dynamic this year.

2016 New Basel World Watch and Jewellery Fair opened on a hall –Hallof Discovery, the museum is located 4.U, primarily to provide an opportunity to participate in Baselworld jewelry for the global small and medium enterprises, so that they too can participate in this industry and not to be missed trendsetting exhibition. It is also a business and the entire industry a good opportunity to meet quality buyers.

This year will usher in “China Watch and Jewellery Show Mission” exhibition 20th anniversary of China Watch and Jewellery Show Mission will continue to bring high-quality products in the international watch brands Hall 2.2, including traditional watch brands and the latest research and development of smart watch movement. In this exhibition, pavilion organizers also specially organized the 20th anniversary of “China Watch and Jewellery Show group” Reception and Celebration “love time” the first stop Tour (Switzerland) activities.

Chinese pavilions watch and jewelery brands totaled 15, including the No. 1 for five consecutive years in the Museum of FIYTA, the second settled in Hall 1 of Tianjin Seagull, it has a unique concept and craftsmanship of bridges, as well as imperial Star, Porsche, Bernie and other old faces. This year also joined the new design has a gorgeous jewelry brand Bao Xi Hui, Yu Hua titanium workers, and focus on the light line needle type watch intelligent IPCore the like force.


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