Perfect Series Inspired by the World’s Landmarks

This is a viable product has three decades. To mark the occasion, the new Mido Baroncelli launched in 2006, it inherited the original classic shape and style, watches clearly and subtly reveal elegant, noble qualities, as classical stringed violin elapsed time test. Attention to detail can be decorated with Mido LOGO crafted automatic movement and oscillating weight, diamond cut hands are able to observe through it. Music such as tabs, the real proof of the classic and timeless beauty of the passage of time.

Mido third iconic revolutionary innovation. Perfect series inspired by the world’s landmarks – the Colosseum in Rome. This epic building can accommodate 50,000 spectators, while guaranteeing everyone a great view. Since 2002, Mido will proceed to study on this concept. Perfect series with its monumental design and styling and outstanding narrow bezel allows dial can show its maximum possible space, anti-glare sapphire crystal dial to make a strong impact felt when giving. For a long time, its shape is always at the cutting-edge trend, is still used in modern stadium design.

February 26, Bo consumers to those in the central square in Xining Wangfujing store counter table by wave B Hall Consulting, the counter staff said: watch tungsten steel ring shedding not previously encountered, but the appearance of the watch is not covered under warranty Inside. Through communication, so that consumers go to the teller counter, not far away from the office to deal with the repair of the table.

After that, Wang Bo table according to wave call 400 customer service calls, customer service staff the same answer: the watch appearance parts not covered under warranty, but can be mailed back to the factory for repair. February 27, watches via Wangfujing Central Square Branch B Hall sent by wave table counter factory maintenance. On March 11, the end of the counter notification consumer service, tungsten steel ring has been installed, you can go to take form.


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