Offer More Watches for the Handicapped

To effectively solve the practical difficulties of persons with disabilities, aids in Fuxin city center free of charge for Haizhou District Wulong street area of ​​persons with disabilities, adaptation smart watch phone 120. On this basis, March 2, 2016, Haizhou District Wulong street electrical engineering community to support intelligent daycare residues platform was officially launched. This work has been unanimously praised the use of smart watch with disabilities.

Children are not around high-aunt wearing a smart watch, the community workers, their heart rate monitor. Internet suggest that a high alert aunt abnormal heart rhythms, community workers, community health service stations quickly with Master Zhang rush to be the ECG. Master Zhang said: “The old man suffering from severe heart failure, fortunately discovered in time, or else serious consequences.” Community promptly notify the sons and daughters of the elderly. Zhao Yanxiu most of the day did not go home for the elderly, her daughter could not be contacted on the elderly. Because the old man a cripple and a bit confused, afraid his family wandered off, and I feel very anxious. Through community intelligence platform targeting, they find the exact position of the elderly, the elderly home.

Focus on science and technology new product features, timely application to the cause of the disabled among the years, is new thinking in Fuxin City CDPF assistive Center has been trying to practice. Aids center staff learned this smart watch phone function immediately after the inspection, and the rapid introduction. The product has a random changes in cloud care 24 hours, can monitor the person’s heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, exercise and so on. By APP management system installed in the community, staff can quickly grasp the wearer information.

Use this product to build smart daycare residues platform support, through the Internet, networking, cloud computing and other latest technology, by means of information technology integration of government, society, family, and many other forces together to build a service platform for people with disabilities . Assistive this initiative centers, opened a new field of science and technology for persons with disabilities in Fuxin city.

It is understood that this smart phone watch also combines location-based services, weather alerts, intercom, call relatives and friends concerned with thumbs up, wear points, Bluetooth and many other features. Fuxin City Jin Rui Technology Co., Ltd. for the disabled also donated 30 sets of similar products.


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