More and More Share Firms Go Bankruptcy Recently

As of March 31, 103 public fund its 3205 fund (A / B / C class share aggregated) Annual Report 2015 released all completed, the various types of funds total profit 679.914 billion yuan, 875.36 billion yuan in 2009, second only to profit, hit a new high of nearly six years.

Wherein the balance of treasure Celestica profit 23.131 billion yuan in 2015, once again become the “most profitable” funds, but according to the annual report shows that Celestica balance Po 2015 net profit fell in 2014 compared with 873 million yuan, down 3.64%.

In addition, GF Jufeng profit 8.853 billion yuan last year, second only to Celestica balance Po, China Post Core Growth profit 8.66 billion yuan last year, ranking third, while Yi Fangda Rui Hui, China Universal balanced growth, China dividends and other 7 only fund earnings over last year’s 5.0 billion, a total of 230 funds (A / B / C class share aggregated) profit of over 10 billion last year.

Last year, the stock market has experienced two waves crash, grade fund Class B share many triggers the next, the classification of funds overall loss last year seriously. Wherein the rich SOE reform grade loss last year 15.482 billion yuan, becoming the largest loss of funds in 2015, Shen Wan Ling letter Securities SWS Securities Industry Index classification loss of 11.746 billion yuan last year, the two funds market only last year, a loss of over 100 billion fund.

In addition, ICBC Credit Suisse Internet plus loss last year 6.058 billion yuan, Peng Central China Syndrome defense rating loss 5.653 billion yuan, easy side of the new Silk Road loss of 5.236 billion yuan in 2015, a total of five fund lost over 50 billion yuan, a total of 40 funds (A / B / class C share aggregated) over 10 billion loss last year, mostly grade fund.

Data show that last year, hybrid funds profit 513.494 billion yuan, 99.991 billion yuan Monetary Fund profit, profit 6.702 billion yuan equity funds, the fund last year to become a major force in profit.


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