Man Spent 10,000 Euros to Purchase A Swiss Made Watch

Originally, residents Chen spent more than 10,000 euros in Switzerland to buy a watch, came back to find the time to go faster. Doorstep convenient service point of repair master table was good, Chen will entrust repairs. Repair master found that “high-level goods” that they can not open, you get friends to open the store with the machine. Table repaired, Chen found the exact watch to go, there are some scratches, thus requiring repair master table compensation. Maintenance instructors feel aggrieved, had good intentions to help repair watches also confiscated some money, there may be a few strokes back of the watch, even when open, is not intentional, but also do volunteer work and lose money? Therefore, the two sides have differences.

“Both sides are at fault!”, A senior mediator at the city Bureau of Justice explained that the teacher Li Haiming, Chen Mouming first known to be expensive watches, brand stores should look for service, because the sake of convenience and cheap, just to find a convenience store service, own negligence; and knowing that this is the maintenance of master watch in case he can not repair, maintenance temerity to others, and have not previously been informed Chen, finally resulting in the watch scratches, should draw some lessons. “According to” Consumer Law “the relevant provisions, consumers receiving services, their legitimate rights are being infringed, the service can demand compensation; consumers purchase, use of goods or services received by the person, property damage, and to have access to law right to compensation, but consumers themselves at fault, but also bear some responsibility for this. “in Li’s mediation, the final damages awarded by Xu Chen 600 yuan.

Under the city Bureau of Justice received the case, there are many, many consumers are often encountered, but do not know how to defend their rights. Today, under the city judicial bureau members, will tide Ming Xiao Tianzhu Street community, the “G20 Legal Services legal guarantees me first” special volunteer service activities of party members, the District Bureau of Justice Party little friends will bring the rule of law Books, popularizing poker and other promotional materials, as well as interesting rights case, the Franco-Prussian field for everyone, and to provide legal assistance to apply.


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