How to Protect Your Watch from Getting Water

In the other day, a friend told Xiao Bian Xiao Bian, said his mechanical set aside a period of time before and after the Spring Festival in recent days into the back to the south, only to re-wear from mechanical watches, watches later found farther and slow, a month later we found that the watch is basically in circumstances beyond self-winding, and the winding of very short duration. So he asked a small series in the end this is what happens then Xiao Bian little thought, looked at the wet floor, said to him “You look at the floor, you should watch this damp” Later, Xiao Bian a friend of this table because it is purchasing the foreign friends, no way to get the warranty, only to do a specialist watch repair service places a movement through the relationship of small series, check out the movement of moisture damage, it took thousands replace a movement, really tears. Therefore, Xiao Bian remind you love the table friends important to note that the current limelight Masamori back to the south Gee!

Watches, mechanical watches in particular, is extremely precise art, it is not just a timing instruments. For high-end mechanical watches, the more than two years generally have to conduct a professional maintenance, some more high-end mechanical watch movement or mechanical maintenance cycle is shorter. Although most of the mechanical watch has waterproof apron, apron, after all, but there will always Aprons aging time, moisture and water is in the maintenance of the more important aspects of the. But also to avoid wearing the watch out of the large temperature difference, such as wearing a hot bath, sauna and out, the watch is water vapor is the most terrible source of corrosion of the movement, other mechanical components oxidize water table gossamer gear , resulting in loss of precision can not even use. Do not be too dependent on the movement of material, so the inside back to the south, be sure to pay attention to moisture and water!

While here, with particular emphasis on the influence of mechanical watches, quartz watch but is also very deadly. Watch a certain understanding of my friends know, is composed of quartz watch components such as resistors and capacitors and batteries composed of water itself is a good conductor, if a large amount of water will, quartz board will burn quickly in the short term, water less power and less battery itself, it may not have obvious problems in the short term. But the long run, then the board will corrode or cause permanent damage to the direct damage to the movement, may be just the beginning of a decline in the accuracy of travel so that you feel is the battery problem, but later you will find that suffered such injuries watch state will gradually become poor, until completely unusable.


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