Fossil Watches Entered Fashion World

Basel, Switzerland, March 15, 2016 – Fashion watches and wearable art equipment and innovative brand Fossil Brand announced the launch of the latest motion tracker in 2016 Fossil Global Exposition, smarter, and more slim wristwatch android Wear smart watch. The event coincided with the exhibition Basel, Switzerland, the World Watch and Jewellery Show (Baselworld) held during the company’s latest models Fossil Q Series of intelligent devices to achieve the perfect combination of fashion and function.

Today announced the upcoming release of the device include increased sleep tracking, water and a new generation of intelligent touch technology motion tracker Q Motion, more slim Android Wear smart watch (Q Marshal and Q Wander) and a science and technology into the traditional timepiece the more intelligent wristwatch. These devices will be between autumn and early summer of 2016, the grand launch.

Chief Creative Officer Jill Elliott said: “intelligent products on the world had a tremendous impact, it allows a dialogue between us and consumers become more directly, so that we can be more influential way in product design and technological upgrading. consumers want to connect and the surrounding environment more closely, eager to obtain information about daily activities, social networking and content filtering information just to meet their needs through more intelligent tracker watches and the like Fossil Q series, consumer and creativity and curiosity closely together, thereby to enhance their lifestyle. “


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