Watch Repair Store in Hangzhou Local Mall

Watch is a precision timing equipment should be cleaned regularly to ensure that it maintained accurately carried away. Recommendation 2 to 3 years of continuous wear once detected or cleaning and maintenance, reducing wear and tear of parts, keep the watch accurate and prolong life. Mechanical watches severely impact will lead to deterioration of the accuracy of travel time, we need to take apart and wash finishing movement.

In order to maintain the strap durable, we recommend that you use the attention to the following matters: leather strap to avoid long-term exposure to sunlight to prevent discoloration. Avoid leather strap watering, so as not to shorten life. Avoid leather strap acid, alkali and physical contact with the grease, leading strap unglued or surface hardening. Metal strap should be adjusted to a suitable length, so comfortable to wear, reducing wear and tear with a pin. Metal strap should be cleaned regularly with sweat corrosion may lead pin loose or broken.

Watch during use by external waterproof case will severely impact damaged parts, seals will be aging, using the watch will accelerate the aging of seals in hot water bath, sauna and other large temperature changes in the environment, these factors will affect waterproofness. Watches should be avoided by the impact, avoid wearing the watch in the sauna when. Water is not recommended to operate the crown and chronograph buttons. After a swim, watch please rinse with water and let it dry completely.


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