Tmall Shop sells High Quality Watch Brands

Ali Group executives have said that the primary task of Alibaba Group’s European strategy is to maintain the existing partners and expand contacts with those optimistic about China’s European brands, retailers and government agencies to help them understand the opportunities of the Chinese market, understand Ali how can help them to enter China. And the Lynx watch Baselworld Watch, hundreds of millions of internet users in the selection of high-quality brand in the world’s major watch brands, is described as the Ali Group’s European business to establish the depth of cooperation an important part, Lynx watch take this opportunity to open a global brand strategy.

According to information, at this Basel watch fair, Lynx will be invited to watch the world of extreme sports climbing star Alain Robert (Alain Robert) visit the exhibition site. Alain Robert worldwide challenges and numerous high-rise cliff to hand climbing skills to conquer one after another “impossible”, fans around the world affectionately nickname him “the real Spider-Man.” As to why the Lynx watch invited Mr. Alain Robert with visiting the exhibition, it is for two things in common: First, watch Lynx Ali Group as a whole, have been creating a another world record, a commercial area and a challenge impossible; secondly, they have therefore created a Guinness world record. Lynx watch watches sold a record 1,112,561 Day Guinness World Records in 2015, two-eleven day, while Alain Robert is a frequent visitor to the Guinness World Records. Finally, they believe that the watch should be defined more as a fashion accessory, but not unattainable luxury.

Lynx watch will be officially opened worldwide annual selection of excellent brand strategy in this exhibition. Today, as the largest Lynx watch watch sales platform, the international line-up within the platform should not be overlooked. Wherein, as China’s largest German agent group table, Bo times the German commitment to cross-border trade with Germany-based European high-grade watches quality watches and other luxury brands. Currently, Bo times the German group has more than 30 in Germany and other European countries, watch brand agency. In the “Lynx watch” on has set up a comprehensive European fashion watch shop – “When the Holy Temple”, in addition, three brands which its agents Longcom (Laco), Qi Bolin (Zeppelin), Rong Keshi (Junkers) We have set up an independent brand flagship store “Lynx watch.”


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