The World-renowned Brand Swatch

Swatch remember 30 years ago to save two generations of leaders from the date of the Swiss watch industry, Swatch Group Since its founding, all firmly believe that “if you want to succeed in the watch industry, we need to control the entry-level market watches. that is the cornerstone and sales. watches and mobile phones, cars, want to succeed had to rely on mass production. “Having said that do not feel accident. In fact this is the positioning table fan sites, even now “playing” PP, AP table fans, most are the “elementary” came to be.

I was not only a table fan, but also entrepreneurs, so we not only watch industry a full range of reports, also on the industries and enterprises, brand their “merits and demerits” to explore the reasons.

Swatch Group for its own business model, positioning accurately and fairly successful (at the time of the environmental factors contribute to the opportunity, seize the opportunity to own a great talent to play), Swatch watches popular, making it firmly in control of the entry-level market, able to reach out and cover layout different brands more user groups, and even begin to control the industrial chain.

Now since we expect a warm recommendation for Swatch watches and presentation, well, because we have always followed the principles of user-centered.


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