The Most Popular Watch All Throughout the Amazon

According to financial website MarketWatch reported on the electricity supplier website Amazon, Fitbit’s new smart watch sold better than the Apple Apple Watch.

The company named “Blaze” smart watch is currently ranked in the Amazon best-selling products smartwatch top position, the price of $ 349.99 over the Apple Watch Sport.

Fitbit company said the price of $ 199.95 for “Blaze” in shipments in March more than 1 million, exceeding the company’s internal expectations. Fitbit released this product on the CES show earlier this year, while March is the first full month after the sale of the product.

In addition, analysts Longbow Research published last week for the first time on the Fitbit stock research report, give the stock a “buy” rating, price target of $ 20. Analysts said in a report, retailer data show “Blaze” in the United States to get listed on the first day blitz. “In the short term, Fitbit products company in 2016 made a good start.” The stock closed Tuesday at $ 15.10.

“Blaze” is involved in smart health wearable Fitbit product competition test for water. Although it does not have the general smart watch those comprehensive features, but you can interact with third-party applications on mobile devices, and power consumption is very low – only five days on one charge, Apple’s Apple Watch needs 18 hours to recharge the batteries. And the company’s another $ 249.99 jogging watches “Surge” in comparison, “Blaze” design is more stylish.


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