Share in New Market Will Continue

PIMCO said that the current emerging market asset valuation is very cheap, it can be regarded as a chance “in ten years,” the. Templeton Emerging Markets Group Executive Chairman Michael Pusi Jiang stressed that as the economic growth in Asia, the region’s financial markets a thorough reversal potential. Current commodity prices have bottomed out; the US market already peaked, follow-up trend or swing around, or turned down, which would be positive for emerging markets. Fed rate hikes this year may give up, funds will be looking for better investment opportunities.

The latest monthly Merrill Lynch Fund Manager Survey released today shows that more and more investors believe that the previous pessimism on emerging markets over the “betting emerging markets” as the most concerned about the transaction accounted for 26 respondents % higher than choose “to do more than US $” or “short oil” Investor share. Merrill Lynch chief investment strategist Hartnett said the results released to investors in emerging markets bullish signal.

Kay cast macro, chief emerging markets economist Neil Shearing said the wave of expansion in emerging markets rally, investors realized that the trigger factor is the emerging market situation is not as bleak a few weeks this year displayed. Some much bad news has been reflected in asset prices, some excessive negative emotions before the burst. He stressed that only eight weeks ago, the public is also concerned that the emerging economies of poor economic data, commodity prices style cliff fall. But economic worries have subsided, commodity prices have stabilized, the market is that this reflects a number of facts about the demand for emerging market crises coming feeling has subsided.


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