Newly Starting Industry for the Whole Year

Shortly after March, many fund companies in the April 1 date of the “quarterly accounts.” The first quarter of 2016, in the domestic economy is weak and the impact of external events, volatility index fell in January for a repeat of the stock market crash investors exclaimed, address him was cut chives. But in comparison, investment Hongta Clay’s three fund investors are more fortunate. Data show Hongta laterite Fund’s three raised funds experienced a market test, in the past quarter, the three overall fund performance ranking at the level of the front half of the same type of fund in which prosperity Pu Yi and Jin Sheng new impetus Both funds still achieved a slight positive return, performance ranking in the top quarter of the same type of fund level, showing strong market resilience properties.

For the next annual investment strategy, “Hongta laterite Fund review 2016 first quarter results,” the article pointed out that the probability of a hard landing for China’s economy and financial system, systemic risk is not born of systemic risk, the emerging industries and new services driving industry out of the woods. Looking to the year, the Chinese economy is still facing structural problems and greater downward pressure caused by high prices, is also facing external dollar interest rates on the global economic impact of these negative factors will bring some of the stock market pressure, but steady growth policy in support of this year, China’s economy complete 6.5% -7% growth target can be expected. As China’s economy continues to lag output and adjust the structure, the process may be painful in the short term, but in the emerging industries and new services industries such as China will eventually out of the current economic downturn, thorny road, the situation improves.

Based on the 2016 investment in the form of judgment, Hongta laterite fund investment strategy throughout the year have been adjusted and optimized. “In early 2016, we judge the market cautious, and strictly control the stock position, to avoid the risk part of the market decline; the entry in February, we believe that short-term market risk to be released, the stock market near the end of deleveraging, investors and the market overly pessimistic view of economic trends, the stock started to increase investment positions in the stock type of choice, stick with a reasonable high-growth stock valuation, combined with investment in some industries the pattern of change, product prices of stocks, as a whole, 1 investment strategy quarter achieved good investment results. “Hongta laterite fund official said.


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