Mechanical Watch from Generation to Generation

Since April 2015 Apple Watch release, the debate about smart watches will be increasingly fierce. Thus even sparked discussion of the second “quartz crisis”, the traditional Swiss watch manufacturing industry is experiencing a downturn, people are turning to a more advanced, eye-catching quartz watch production technology. However, the mechanical watch then began to restore the tide. Many corporate executives have said that the Swiss watch industry as a smart watch can not cause the 1970s and 1980s as economic shocks.

LVMH watch chief executive Jean – Claude Beaver (Jean-ClaudeBiver) called on people to inherit the fine traditions of the mechanical watch from generation to generation, and not as if there is a new release treated like intelligent devices will be discarded the hands of the product. He said:. “Mechanical watches can work within 1000 or even longer to repair high-tech watch production is dependent on industrial production process, so that when the production process is changed or upgraded, has produced a high-tech watch It will naturally be forced out of bad luck. ”

Outstanding Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller (Franck Muller) founded his own name well-known watch brands, and adopted the “Master of Complications” (complex master craftsman) brand slogan. He believes that smart watch is not a watch in the true sense.

Franck Muller said:. “If there is no value to the collection of smart watches it stops working, you put it aside after six months, the new upgraded version will come out you call it a watch, because you wear it on the wrist watch is watch. Maybe you do not need a watch, so when you buy a watch when you can buy some products not only have the watch function. the watch It is carried behind the reputation and quality. watch represents an emotion. “


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