Global Leader in Watch Manufacturing

A global leader in embedded security software products and service provider Oberthur Technologies (Oberthur Technologies, OT) announced today that the company has been selected Mondaine watch industry leader, will bring the world’s first SIM card is the size of the non-watch market contactless payment chip, the first in Switzerland watch contactless payment.

Oberthur Technologies payment chip does not belong to watch, but the watch strap or inserted into the ring, and can be easily removed and inserted into another piece of the watch, so that consumers can always carry them on the wrist “Oberthur SCIENCE credit card. ”

Oberthur Technologies’ general manager Eric Duforest financial services business director commented: “very pleased to be able to ‘watch the country’ This launch this new product highlights our commitment to innovation and providing high-end products, which can be worn. money advanced products will enable banks to bring enhanced value proposition to its cardholders, including convenience of contactless payments. ”

Mondaine AndrĂ© Bernheim, CEO, said: “Today, we are proud to be able to watch the era of the Internet an important step .Mondaine be paid by the exclusive launch of contactless Oberthur Technologies production equipment, our company was founded in 1951, family business at the cutting edge of proof. provided by Oberthur technologies Mondaine payment chip built into the strap, so that consumers not only need to carry wallets, but also the use of conversion between payment chip in the watch. this will undoubtedly make us compared to the watch industry and the mobile industry’s competitors an advantage. “


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