Extremely Sophisticated Mechanical Watch

In March, the spring, the weather is back to the south, “back to the south” damp weather phenomenon usually occurs in the southern spring in March, mainly because after the cold air, warm air quickly spread, resulting in rapid temperature rise, the air humidity increase the number of ice-cold surfaces after experiencing the warm air, prone to the phenomenon of water droplets, also known as “spit wet”, and fog is “back to the south,” the most characteristic appearance. And watches back to the south need to pay particular attention to moisture.

Especially watch mechanical watch is an extremely sophisticated product configuration, for high-grade mechanical watches, in addition to professional conservation 1,2 times a year, but also for everyday wear should follow some precautions to avoid unnecessary damage. Although most of the watch has waterproof apron, but long years, always Aprons aging. Moisture, water, maintenance is an important part of the watch, be sure not to place undue reliance on waterproof watch. While avoiding wear a watch sauna, because the source of water vapor is the most terrible rust movement. So back to the south, to pay special attention to moisture and water.

Watch water will watch what will bring harm? First, we all know that quartz watches and electronic form by the resistors and capacitors and batteries and other components of the composition, the water itself is a good conductor, electrons in the water “flow.” A large amount of water, then they will burn in the short term a quartz substrate, a small amount of water may not be a problem if the short term, but long-term down the water will corrode circuit boards cause permanent damage. While other mechanical components oxidize water table gossamer gear, resulting in loss of precision can not even use.


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