Change Watch Battery to Make It Go

For Miss Han issues reflected reporter yesterday called Guangcheng watch repair chain service center, the staff answered the phone explained: “We will certainly replace a new battery for the consumer, as to why the watch stops, can only recommend full again check. we guarantee free replacement within a year. ”

But encountered such problems, consumers can only listen to the mercy of the repair shop do?

Reporters interviewed yesterday, executive vice president of the Association of Guangdong Province, Chen Zhendong watch industry, he said:. “State watch repair personnel are required level maintenance senior watch must be senior maintenance technician at the same time, watch batteries are also divided into ordinary, standard and longevity in several grades, ordinary battery life may be only a few months. ”

For high-end watches, Chen Zhendong believes that the watch’s battery needs to be replaced for the longevity of the battery, the general life of about three years. For the watch for a few days battery stopped walking problems, said Chen Zhendong not conclude what the situation. “Watch needs a comprehensive inspection, if the charge up to $ 650 repair shop should provide consumers with appropriate services.”


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