The History of My Own Watch

It was the 1970s, I jump the queue in Xinjiang County of Shanxi Wangcun river. Whenever our production team captain of horse to the town and county meetings, he took my watch borrow. Once, the town site of the General Assembly to convene Agriculture, Learn, and it was not overcast, other producers were late captain, captain of the horse only five minutes early to the meeting, the mayor on those baleful late captain criticism meal production then drawl asked: “river horse Wangcun produce two teams captain, you talk about what time is it?” Colts grow up swagger looked at the sky, he casually replied: “poor two minutes to half past eight ! friends, “the mayor saw the clock on the podium, was surprised to find that even quite true, excitedly says:” this is our activities in agriculture, Learn, needs and leaders in a race against time to die! ”

Not only is a captain in the meeting by the watch with me, at night time between the production team spring irrigation, the most busy or my watch. A One spring evening, we turn to two teams and a squad spring irrigation, the brigade requires each team after two hours pouring interchanged once, who can not take up more time pouring their own production team in place. Multi-trick horse captain, lent my watch again the night pouring male youth, when leaving he deliberately touched his wrist, I see that male youth take the hint Puchi smile away. Later, I heard that male youth said isochronous pouring poured into the rest of the night, the pouring of the team members on a puzzled asked him: “to flow from a reservoir to a canal water, the two of us is the same pouring time, why you will always be more than I poured it “was that male youth who was half wait any longer to laugh out, he said to himself:”?? you Zeneng me as much as it poured round when I poured, I secretly put time aside for half an hour later, you’re riding Maxima also keep up with me! ”

This is the most humane form to us in perilous wolf track, accurately grasp the law of life one pair of wolf couple: they are 12 midnight every night out hunting, to the next Pro morning 3:00 backtrack. So whenever we irrigate or night care field, and their whereabouts will crash, we deliberately avoided these two time periods, it is humane to make way for the wolf couple. For several years, non-aggression and harmony in our mountain village, forming a harmony between man and nature beauty.


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