The Fastest Way to Repair Your Own Watch

Many people find it strange that when the water activity can be used to buy a watch, why they recommend waterproof watch more than 100 meters. “My life did not dive more than 50 meters,” a diving instructor to say with the author. In fact, this question is not only present in the general consumers buy watches, watches a few years ago the majority of salespeople and repair master table are also very concerned about this issue, until recently the market movement is taken seriously, began to pay attention to water mark difference, but I do not know why.

Whenever the water depth increased by 10 meters, it will increase the equivalent of one atmosphere pressure. According to this principle, it is so general watch factory gauge to test the water resistance of the watch. So some will watch factory marked compression value per unit marked bar or atm, to represent the value of its water.

1bar is equal to one kilogram each square centimeter withstand pressure, so the compression 10bar equivalent to 100 meters below the surface can withstand the pressure that exists deep compressive 20bar water equivalent to 200 meters. Compression 3bar water equivalent to 30 meters, that is commonly known as the living water. Usually watch most common situation is only labeled “Water Resistance” without water mark values, in fact, in accordance with international standards are deemed waterproof 20 meters.

But why mark the depth and the actual use of such a big difference? First of all, the general so-called stress tests are just a static measurement, the pressure reaches the pressure within a few seconds to a few marked, but the actual wear on the user table shell is exposed environment is dynamic. Hand most people the most frequent site of action, whether in daily life or water activity, body movements are often substantial, even if only scuba divers in recreational diving 30 meters, in a short time with the next rise latent as frequent as in compression, decompression changes.

Besides time in the sun and rain, dust and dirt waterproof apron will make the case even within the case itself and aging over time, but the general public does not watch regular maintenance or cleaning habits. What’s more general test water table sampling system is adopted, each batch extract just a few test verdict factory.


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