More Social Funds Needed to Invest on Energy Industry

Ama Dayton Power self-financed investment of about 45.54 million yuan in the construction of 6.004MW distributed photovoltaic project on the company’s existing industrial plant building roof, the project contract energy management business model and self-occupied, more than electrical power consumption mode Internet .

Distributed Generation project intends to apply for subsidies for state funds, and is currently filing procedures. Estimated construction period of 6 months, the estimated total investment of about 45.54 million yuan, the run for 25 years. After the completion of the project, expected annual generating capacity of 6.024 million kwh, the project is expected internal rate of return of about 10.85%.

Amalek Dayton said the project is the company’s response to the national call to positive development and utilization of new energy embodied, will become the company’s products in the ultra-thin double glazing components of distributed power generation demonstration project will help companies market products thin double glazing components promotion, as well as to further develop and consolidate the company’s position in the photovoltaic industry end-use applications, adding new profit growth point.


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