Man Repaired Watches for Many Years

Wearing a trim black suit, sat at the table lamp staring Wang Yu, on the watch with extraordinary dedication and patience. If not chat with him, to hear him recite familiar brand name watches, parts, it is hard to imagine that this young man has fought and watch ten years of dealings. A teenager, he used to watch when the motorbike taxi driver father repair, over time they fell in love with mechanical maintenance. “When I was little, toy, wrenches, screws, welding tools.” CDC clearly remember the first two days of that year a student wearing a watch back through to the class, before he opened the way to a world watch doors. “Because the back is transparent, so the list of components see clearly.” Look at those delicate parts operation, thus promoting the progress of time, Wang Yu suddenly felt watches mechanical principle called “wonderful” back Once home, he will be home in the old empty table to find out constantly disassembly.

From the initial split with scissors hard to find parts interlocking ring between “tricks” after the demolition clever, young Wang Yu learned not only watch from the composition, but also gradually on the inner world of the microscopic fine increasingly obsessed since branched out. In one year, day after pondering study, the CDC even without a teacher learned to repair table. College students he helped repair the table, and then as a soldier comrades repair the table, until 2014, veteran Wu back to the CDC, simply set up a watch studio in Jiuhua village, officially became his full-time repair of the table , through a variety of watches and “time” handle a laugh.

April 1 morning, Wang Yu watch studio, a middle-aged man pushed open the door to let him see the CDC table. Chat, reporters learned that the man to watch on a regular basis to get the studio to do maintenance, CDC considered old customers. CDC first degaussing his table, and then on the calibration parameters detected after the men handed table after:. “Fast day, two seconds,” “normal standard error of plus or minus 45 seconds, but I have obsessive-compulsive disorder , so far as possible to the minimum error was handed to the customer. “in the CDC’s concept, even if the standard allows the watch in time there is an error, he would almost demanding to be” accurate “maximized.


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