Top Design Standards in Watch Industry

March 17, 2016, the world’s attention Basel International Watch Fair grand opening, whereby event, ancient statue table top with the Swiss watch manufacturer Walca Worldwide in Basel officially entered into a strategic cooperation agreement. This collaboration means that ancient statue table combines world-leading technology and design standards, to create a more beautiful Zhenzhi timing products, from the world stage.

Walca Worldwide was founded in 1976, is located in the core area of ​​Swiss watches Holy Land – Bill, and the world’s top brands for the neighborhood. Walca Worldwide Watch this comprehensive table manufacturing company as a top Swiss watch brands of the designated table manufacturer, is committed to respected Swiss-made high-quality workmanship, born in Switzerland by the prestigious watch Jenny meter manufacturing family Peter. P. founder Mr. Jenny four years with Mr. Jenny watch design, technology and quality requirements and innovation and contribution to the watch industry.

Ancient statue table the signing ceremony, Mr. Chen Shengyong founder spoke in an interview “Art Without Borders, ancient statue able to reach this strategic cooperation with leading Swiss watch manufacturer, is to explore the spirit of art clocks greater heights of faith. As the first a Chinese watch brand cooperation with walca company ancient statue will get more powerful international force to support, to create an international thinking more creative watch products. “


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