Seek the Pursuit of Fashion Watch

The pursuit of fashion products, women innately even more sensitive than men. With IT products by the ruggedly refined formula into development, whether it is smart watch, work design PC / mobile phone or the last two years have been concerned about the consumer line to art direction. As electronic digital world fashion beach-goers, Huawei for the global fashion market women, yesterday officially launched the HUAWEI WATCH moon and stars series.

HAWEI WATCH Xingyue female form series combines classic luxury watch design and intelligent function, so that compared to the general smart watch more refined at the same time, the product itself also gives the watch more trend personality intelligent features. From the product itself, HAWEI WATCH Series is a moon and stars only has the classic elements of fashion style and who is smart watches.

TechWeb Mobility Products in the press conference after the moon and stars to get HUAWEI WATCH Series Swarovski artificial gems models, color of rose gold. Open the box, this watch is brought directly to the user’s visual impact on the bezel is set with 68 Swarovski artificial stones, it is like a diamond version as bright light, this 68 Swarovski artificial gems is the first global reach Higher gem Society GIA (Gemological Institute of America) diamond grading and cutting quality standards ZIRCONIA, allows users from any point of view, can see the bright shining light.

In the field of artificial diamonds, Swarovski extremely exquisite cutting technology is famous, moon and stars series equipped with Swarovski artificial stones, after second cut by Swarovski, whose dazzling brightness comparable to perfectly cut diamond. So from any angle to observe this watch, covered with shining charming luster HUAWEI WATCH moon and stars series is enough to let the women love.


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