Online Business Faces Difficulties in the Near Future

Recently, the Lynx and Casio, Citizen and Seiko three Japanese were well-known watch brands signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Cooperation from the goods, people, services in three areas to achieve the brand to build deep. Lynx watch will be the three major brands, including smart watches, including the latest product of China starting platform.

According to reports, Lynx will use the watch Ali Big Data on the three Japanese watch brand “Plough” from exclusive customization, rebranding, optimization services, and other aspects of the user precise overall brand energized. Last year, two-eleven, watch Lynx single-day sales volume exceeded 1 million. This will mean cooperation or to watch Lynx watch as the representative of the domestic electricity supplier market has been close to the critical point of the outbreak.

“A significant share of the Japanese watch its young, fashion, technology skills and other characteristics of long-term possession of international watch market, but also affect domestic users to watch the young ornamental and practical Conception.” Lynx watch the person in charge Lichong Gang (nickname: Gang bamboo), said the Lynx and the three major Japanese watch brand cooperation is not just new starter, but in the product as the core set of exclusive custom design, distribution system set up, precise user location and open up channels for the whole the systematic integration of the layout.

According to reports, consumers can out of layers of traditional offline distribution channels, to find the most convenient and direct access to the international watch design center product inlet line, “We want not only closer international watch brand and the Chinese market distance, the distance is more Chinese consumers watch and international products. “in addition, special contributions Lynx with three major Japanese watch brand for the first time cooperation has been fully put into production, is expected to release later this year.


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