How Soon Should You Maintain Your Watch?

Cartier watches long maintenance time? Many purchased Cartier watch has a question, in the end it should be how often maintenance time watch it? Indeed, every day watches are worn on the hand, it will inevitably have damaged the watch, which would greatly reduce the life of the watch. Cartier watches maintenance intervals also, as the case may be.

If you do not often wear, wear less than twice a month on average, it is recommended 5 or 10 years the best repair and maintenance. But a month to make the best tables around, walk around the outside, in order to determine whether you love the table properly. Many people use automatic list box, so that the table nap on the table, it is not a good thing. Because posing rotation box, table nap, it will also accelerate wear and tear; any move would have a mechanical life, if it is to replace complex menu often wear, such as calendar, or the day, month, week, month equal, placed in the rotation box, still has its convenience, in addition to very worn table, or the table does not need to make use of the nap.

Everyday wear table can also be said to be 365 days watch their hands, if you find a great error table, or into the water table, the best repair and maintenance; If your table everything is normal, preferably three to five annual maintenance time; some people watch their hands, wearing it for more than 10 years, this is not the way to be the table, due to prolonged use, or will the loss of lubricant table or dry, in the loss of the oil situation, the axis will accelerate wear. Have our invisible quartz particles will be attached to the oil in the air, if not maintained for a long time, letting the table nap, will only accelerate the wear and tear of the shaft.


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