Difficult to Find Watch Repairers

30 years ago, since the reform and opening up, the western development opportunity, many people from their homes to go out to earn money. Seeing this, his early thirties harbor dreams of glory heart burst-mode segment boiling, think of the western development it will bring many opportunities will come alone from Chongqing Bijie battles. This way it took root here. Mold segment wing told reporters that he was born in the countryside, the family are farming for a living, live in poverty.

19 years old, he told the same production team of repair of the table master to learn the craft. “There was no watch, mainly to individual production team clock repair, machine maintenance because I have a strong understanding and sensitivity, in addition to repair watches, I also learned how to repair sewing their own way, then their neighbors with the key, on the one hand neighbors provide convenient, more important is to make a living. “through a variety of watches and sewing machines to explore his craft maintenance has made great progress.

Came Bijie, in order to make a living, Duan Rong die first done many odd jobs, but he has been “Chongchao old industry” idea. “Under the prevailing economic situation, no phone, so most people are using clocks run time, and then the machine more and more people will repair it, but very few.” So, he has the skills, then the repairs sewing machines and watches mainly, put a repair stand. In the long-term repair process, he increasingly sophisticated technology, the neighborhood became a neighborhood mouth capable, good sewing machine repair technology is legendary.


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