The Best Quality Watches in the World

MULTIFORT (helmsman) series listing is another milestone in the history of Mido. It is a combination of self-winding, water-resistant, anti-magnetic and shock four advantages watches. 1930s to 1950s helmsman series became very popular watches.

This year, the United States of using the symbol of progress and the strong momentum of the robot “ROBI” as a brand ambassador. Today in many markets “ROBI” still has a certain reputation.

POWERWIND winding system of the present invention will watch components reduced from the original 17 to seven, thus increasing the storage stability and watch energy. Mido Ocean Star revolutionary use of integrated case, a good solution to the water problems of the back cover. Coupled with its unique beauty of the crown cork waterproofing system ensures Mido efficient waterproofing effect can be achieved in harsh environments.


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