Super Luxury Watches Made by Swiss Countries

2015 Geneva Salon International Haute Horlogerie (SIHH), Earl (Piaget), Jaeger (Jaeger-LeCoultre), Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin) respectively released their latest ultra-thin watch products.

Earl is almost obsessed with “thin”, almost every product thin sections, including a manual movement of the Altiplano chronograph movement thickness 4.65mm, case thickness 8.24mm; Jaeger an automatic machine core Master Tourbillon movement thick 6.4mm, case thickness 11.3mm; and Vacheron Constantin automatic movement of products Harmony chronograph movement thick 5.2mm, case thickness 8.4mm. Although each with its own products a far cry from the thinnest record, but the thickness of the digital still looks very powerful, a top one thin. So, in the end it is considered more thin thin?

In fact, no answer to this question, there is no uniform industry standards to define, each have their own argument. Some people say: 3mm or less self-winding movement, manual winding movement less than 2mm, Quartz 1mm or less; also suggested that: self-winding movement within 5mm, 3mm or less manual winding movement, quartz movement did not qualify On thin. Of course, the case of material and technology also determines the thickness of the watch presented.

But ultimately can not measure the thickness of the watch movement and case thickness figures compare to the conclusion. Because on the one hand there is another type of chain, automatic movement than manual movement theoretically thick, after oscillating weight design space, whether it is the center of Tuo, pearl ring Tuo Tuo still give the automatic chain; on the other hand, function not the same, the number and size of parts are not the same, there are also differences in thickness of the movement.


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