Smart Watches Sold More than Swiss Watches

Although the industry view is inconsistent smart watch, and its bad-mouthing the sound has always existed, but along with apples, and other consumer electronics giant Huawei incoming, smart watch industry is quietly changing.

Recently, the market research firm Strategy Analytics released the latest data, global sales of smart watch has surpassed Swiss watches. In the fourth quarter of 2015, total global smart watch shipments reached 8.1 million, while the total Swiss watch shipments of 7.9 million, the Swiss watch sales fell 5 percent; while in the same period, sales of smart watches soared year on year 316%. Industry forecasts, with brands incoming, smart watch concept will be gradually accepted by the people in the next few years, the industry is expected to usher in the outbreak.

Smart Watch since launch, it has been used as a Swiss watch opponents there, not only that, the industry is more outgoing “traditional watch industry will be smart watch manufacturers subversion” sound. However, the case of the development of smart watch industry point of view, it really shows the threat, after the official debut at Apple Watch. It is understood that, since April 2015 Apple Watch smart watches started to accept reservations, there were reports that in May last year, is the first full sales month after the world premiere of the Apple Watch, Swiss watch exports fell 8.9%. The data show that the Swiss watch manufacturers in export volume in September 2015 plunged 9.9%, and its decline in the third quarter of 2015 reached 8.5%, the highest since the third quarter of 2009, the largest single-season sales record decline.

Moreover, in March 2015, in Barcelona, ​​Huawei released its own smart watch HUAWEI WATCH, because of its excellent design, excellent performance, making it once available, will become the focus of the industry. In this regard, the industry said that with the continuous improvement of the incoming brands, product performance, smart watch concept will gradually popular. The next few years, the industry is expected to usher in the outbreak.


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