Repair Watch to Earn Money

The last two days, because “uncle” Huangyue Ping reported Evening phone has been ringing off the hook fast, wiring colleagues Lianhu too much. Tongyang someone to go Huangyue Ping Road, but he has no shop, no door first, impossible to find. “My family is really hard to find someone to play a good number of the phone, everything really did not find.” Huangyue Ping said, so many people came to him, surprised. Tongyang Road is his home, so many people at home will affect the neighborhood, inappropriate. Even found the place, not necessarily hit people, he is Xianyunyehe like figure, Suzhou, Shanghai around.

A reader find Huangyue Ping by evening, he said, rubbing a light oil it took two hours. He is quite busy recently, “I’m going to empty after April 10 will be down.” Huangyue Ping said he was looking for people who can repair the table again, and so on. In the antiques market in Nanzenji Grand Plaza, near the “fashion dock” at the table there is a second-hand stall centralized, Huangyue Ping every Monday morning would come and “table” Friends together, Tao Tao watches, exchange ideas, rain or shine, there is interested friends can go there to find him.

28, the reporter saw Huangyue Ping here again, where friends are sealed Huangyue Ping “Nanchansi Taobao experts” placed his trust and appreciation. Amoy Friends Xu said the master, in addition to repair the table Huangyue Ping no craft to be perfect, be regarded as a must Xicheng outside, people are warm and sincere, credible. Here you can see a lot of expert repair of the table, there was a 70-year-old master Wang Mingxian, before a clock factory in Wuxi, deputy director of the technology, “table” Friends say he is the repair of the table family, three generations repair tables are top.


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