Man Bought A Fake Useless Watch

According to Otto, last year in June, he was in Nanjing Xinjiekou Golden Eagle International Shopping Center “Gucci” store, spend 6,000 yuan to buy a ladies watch. Sales staff told him the time of purchase, this watch is the Italian brand, produced in Switzerland, regardless of style or quality, are first-class products.

Under the recommendation of the salesperson, Otto bought this watch. But not long after, this Swiss watch production in the hands of Otto becomes acclimatized. In six months time not to watch time even slower than the standard time of 5 minutes.

Last November, he went to the mall with a watch repair failure, customer service staff said, “Gucci” in Nanjing, no maintenance, need to be sent to point of sale maintenance treatment in Shanghai. A few days after the phone call to inform that the watch needs to replace the chip, there is no way home, we need to send to Italy for repair, but a long time.

Two months later, Otto got the bird watch, but let him uncomfortable is after two months of maintenance watches, the process of using the old problems still exist, the most serious of the three months of slow time for nearly 20 minutes. This means that the watch repair abroad once, doing it not only does not improve, but more serious.

When he again found the mall, the mall always find a lot of reasons to shirk, has yet to give a clear view. In the case of an accidental, Otto found, and watch the bottom of the English label inconsistent, Otto would suspect that their purchase may be fakes. Mr. Yu Shitao again find customer service, ask to see the product warranty voucher and purchase sources. In addition to customer service can not read his own pile of foreign materials, the other does not make any explanation.

“I was directed to buy the brand products, did not think they sell the three products.” Otto said he suspected that Golden Eagle International sales are three non-product, but many malls and negotiations no results.


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